Breaking into ML can be hard

The data & AI revolution is disproportionately leaving behind under-represented groups and minorities. Access to the jobs of tomorrow is not equal. The Erevna ML Fellowship seeks to remedy this. We are creating a nationwide ecosystem of data-driven students who are from the Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ+, and other communities. Our vision is to provide free machine learning training to over 500 fellows in the next four years and provide equal access to machine learning education and the jobs of tomorrow.

The Erevna Machine Learning Fellowship is an immersive summer fellowship program for driven undergraduate students seeking to learn key ML skills. Our program teaches you practical data skills and is taught by instructors from top universities. Entry is merit-based, competitive, and prioritized for under-represented students. All participants will receive 4 weeks of free training including access to workshop content, resources, and more from our partners in a fully virtual format.

As a fellow, you will learn to become a ML practitioner by doing. You’ll work in small teams on projects that solve real-world data challenges. By working hands-on, you’ll hone your skills and solve a real AI challenge, with a project to showcase your ability to employers. 

Course Content:

  1. Matplotlib
  2. Numpy & Pandas
  3. Scikit-learn
  4. Linear & Logistic Regression
  5. Tensorflow & Keras
  6. Transfer Learning
  7. CNNs & DNNs
  8. Estimators & Discriminators
  9. Computer Vision & GANs
  10. Multi-Instance Learning
  11. Time Series
  12. Transformers
  13. ML System Design
  14. Deep Reinforcement Learning

In addition to teaching you critical data science skills, this program connects you with a diverse network of professional mentors and highly talented peers at Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford, Google, Google for Nonprofits, Amazon, and other partners. Startup speakers are sourced from membership at the Harvard Innovation Labs, MIT Innovation Initiative, MIT Generator, Harvard-MIT-Columbia Summer Accelerator, Impact Labs, Stanford Rebuild, Harvard Ventures, Harvard Undergraduate Venture Capital Group, Harvard Lemann Program on Creativity and Entrepreneurship Accelerator, YC Startup School, Gen Z Mafia, Stanford COVID-19 Response Innovation Labs, Helpful Engineering, and the metaLAB @Harvard. You’ll be paired with a mentor from one of these partner organizations -- someone with insight into how to grow professionally, to help you achieve your unique goals.

Get Connected
This program is an unparalleled platform from which to launch or supercharge your career. In addition to skills training, you will receive career coaching and job opportunities from our program partners, which are some of the top employers in the world.


Our Team

Program Director: Kevin Wang (UC Berkeley) 

Director of Operations: Kenneth Zhang (Ancaster High School)

Director of Partnerships: Michael Steinberg (Northeastern University)


From inclusion in a resume book sent to our partner organizations to $100 in your choice of AWS/GCP Credits, fellows enjoy exciting benefits throughout the duration of the training program.

  • $100 in GCP, AWS, Bubble, Airtable, and 5 other affiliates Credits
  • Resume Book
  • Office Hours
  • Resource Dump
  • Connections Spreadsheet




If you'd like to mentor, present, or partner, contact us at ml@erevna.us




Our mission is to create a world where anyone can learn ML

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